World Domination

World Domination

Rule the World in this apocalyptic strategy game


  • Relatively simple


  • Poor graphics
  • Unintuitive
  • Boring

Not good

World Domination puts you in the shoes of a world leader, and you have to use your strategy skills to destroy the competing powers of the globe. The global leaders have names like G.W Bash and Osama Bin Lama.

While it has been very popular, World Domination is an old game and serves as a reminder to how good browser games have got. It's graphically poor, with awful animation, repetitive music and ridiculous sound effects. Back in 2003, browser games were way behind console and PC games, and World Domination is no exception.

Unlike most turn-based strategy games, World Domination seems to be mainly luck-based. There are instructions, and it's recommended to follow them because there is nothing obvious about the game! The worst thing about World Domination is undoubtedly the political angle - the World leaders are stereotyped, and there's something unpleasant about the whole experience.

World Domination is a simple, yet confusing and horribly outdated strategy game that isn't worth wasting time playing.

World Domination

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World Domination

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